GSoC with git, week 4

Par Alban, le

Last week, I started to move the preserve-merges functionnality to a new script.

I detailed a little bit why I wanted to do so in the first post, so basically, it boils down to two reasons:

This patch series is done in four commits:

  1. duplicate to
  2. remove non-merge-preserving code from
  3. make call when it is called with -p
  4. remove merge-preserving code from

First, I made my changes on the master branch of git. Johannes, who made git rebase -i --root to use more from the sequencer (see his branch, js/sequencer-and-root-commits [1]), advised me to rebase my branch onto his, as it would allow me to remove even more code from

After that, I sent my work to the mailing list.

1st attempt

The first commit of my patch series consist to duplicate Nothing more, nothing less.

But when I rebased my work onto Johannes’, I forgot to update, and I ended up with two different files, as pointed out by Stefan Beller. So I fixed it and sent a new version of my patch series.

2nd attempt

Nobody said anything about the second attempt, but I noticed that I forgot to remove a function and that a bunch of variables could be stripped from

So I made a third version of my patch series.

3rd attempt

Johannes made some comments about the commit messages in my patch series. Basically, they did not elaborate enough on what they did. I changed them following his advice (here is the branch), but I did not re-submitted the series to the mailing list yet. Stefan was pretty enthusiastic about its state, though.

The current iteration of the patch takes from 1070 lines down to 284 lines. See it by yourself!

Feel free to check out the blogs of Pratik Karki and Paul-Sebastian Ungureanu, my co-students participating to the GSoC with git!

[1]This branch no longer exists.