GSoC with git, week 7

Par Alban, le

This week, I don’t have a long story to tell, only a few things.

Most of my work was on polishing my patches about the reflog manipulation I mentionned last week. I sent the patches to the list this afternoon, and I already received some comments. Basically, I have to correct some details in the commit messages, change some names, and stop using die() in the sequencer. As it’s part of libgit, dying without giving callers a chance to clean up after themselves is not really a good practice.

I started to work on converting the bulk of complete_action(), where most of the code of is remaining.

My patches about splitting rebase -i and rebase -p was graduated to next, and the two series converting append-todo-help() and the “edit todo” functionnality were accepted in pu!

Also, last week, there was the first evaluation of the program, which I passed successfully!