GSoC with git, week 9: rerolling things

Par Alban, le

Last week, I focused onto upstreaming things, and rerolling previous patches, such as append_todo_help().


As I’m rewriting, sequencer.c gets bigger and bigger, with functions that are very specific (like, you gessed it, append_todo_help(), but also edit_todo_help()). So Johannes advised me to create rebase-interactive.c to hold this kind of functions.

Johannes pointed out that if append_todo_help() failed to write to the todo list, no error message would appear. I quickly sent a fixup patch, but I was told that I should not send it separately, but that I should reroll append_todo_help() entirely instead.

Also, more naming changes in my reflog series [1]! So I ended up rerolling three patch series last week. There, Junio said that my patches should have been part of only one series, and not splitted in three. So, he created only one integration branch, ag/rebase-i-in-c [2].

I hope to be able to convert the rest of this week.

[1]I keep saying it’s a reflog series, even though it’s not really about reflog.
[2]This branch no longer exists.